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We bought this Slide Board for our 11 year old son who started getting into Ice Hockey. He's somewhat late in the game (no pun intended) so he needs to improve his side-to-side stick handling. We weren't sure what to expect as there weren't too many reviews when we bought it, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. The slide board itself feels very sturdy and well built. It's been two weeks since we got it for him and so far so good. The booties are made out of lycra and they're good quality as well. We bought this for hockey training, not for the other workouts, but my wife (who hits the gym 3-4 times a week) got all into it two days after it arrived and it actually seems like a pretty good workout all around (the bottom part sticks to the floor and the slide board itself is very slippery, especially if you're wearing the booties, so exercising on it is very effective). I'm quite pleased with this purchase and would recommend it.

Jake Gilbert

I was injured in a motorcycle accident about a year ago and my leg is still recovering. I am in the strength building stage and have been recovering slowly. When I saw FlowFriction, I knew I had to have one! It seemed perfect for my office and I made the purchase. The delivery was kind of long but I was impressed with the packaging and accessories the board included. Here is why I gave this item 5-stars: 1. Perfect for my office or home 2. Light weight and perfect for all on the go needs 3. Includes a mesh carrying tote, user guide with suggested exercises, as well as slider booties that fit over your shoes 4. Helps add resistance for a full body workout 5. Less injuries due to low impact exercises 6. Ideal for carpet, hardwood floors or any surface without damaging floor 7. Easy to clean and store I am a HUGE fan of this product, it helps me get some exercise even on the busiest of days! I keep it under my desk in my office and get a workout in during lunch. This slide board has motivated me to keep building my strength in my leg! The included sliding booties fit right over my shoes and I have tons of fun exercising and I feel sore every time I use it! There are tons of different workouts available online. Perfect for anyone, specially those with busy schedules. Thanks for reading and hope this helps (:

Ian Stafford

I love this, it is nice that it is 7.5 feet, and the Lycra shoe sleeves that come with it are great,. It comes with a carry mesh bag. I love ice skating, but I was just a light hobby skater and was more into other sports. Sliding from one side to the other of the 7.5. foot board is probably going to take me a while. I just received it today, and I could just slide about 3.5 feet after pushing off, it is a new feeling. I am a female, 5' 10" tall, and just slide walking sideways is a workout. I figure in about a few days, I will figure out how to push myself off the end to way over to the other side. This comes with a starter guide. YouTube has plenty of videos that also include slide board exercises for triceps and biceps, and I saw more than 20 exercises done on it. This is a replacement for an old cross-country ski machine I was using and it broke. I am very excited about this slide board since I can use it at home and it offers an intensive, low impact workout, and I can carry it with me. I love sliding, I'm just so happy!

Riley Riojas

Great addition to workouts. Both myself and husband can use this. We have to put something on the end to flatten it out for a few min before using it, just because we store it rolled up in its bag, but not a big deal. I’d recommend this especially if you workout at home.

Chelsy K.

The product met my expectations. Very good workout expected on a regular basis. Robust product that anchors properly (does not slip when in use). Expect a day or so for the product to flatten out properly after delivery. But that is a minor issue...

Chris Dean

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